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Magarra Hotel

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Magarra Hotel is all about Rest and Recreation, Roaming and Rumination, Restoration and Rejuvenation, and Reboot and Reconnect.

Coming from the Filipino word “Magarra” – which means “elegant” and “beyond beautiful” and a project of Hacer Caso Hospitality & Leisure Corp., Magarra is located in the peaceful and tranquil city of Orani in Bataan. Magarra lives up to its name with its stylish-decked setting in nature, perfect for intimate activities with friends, family, team buildings and special events, Investors and guests alike can relish in its idyllic natural views and sounds, energizing and activities.

Rest & Recreation

The 1.3 hectare property consists of guest rooms and amenities all with balconies leading to a stunning view of the mountains. Its destination restaurant offers delectable and hearty Filipino and International cuisine that can be savoured while relaxing and taking in the panoramic view.

Roaming & Rumination

Being majestically surrounded by lush vegetation and forests, one can roam around, hike and marvel at the serene call of nature. You can bask in the sunshine, breathe freely and enjoy the splendor of fresh mountain air.

Restoration & Rejuvenation

Treat yourself with an in-room massage perfect after a day of trekking or swimming at the nearest cove.Soothe your aching and tired muscles with Magarra’s signature massages, body scrub and opulent spa treatments to get you ready for another well-deserved day of adventure.

Reboot & Reconnect

With the awe inspiring nature imagery from your windows and walks amidst the lush greenery, Magarra offers the opportunity to reconnect with nature –unwind, destress, rest your minds and reinvigorate your passion for life.